Singer Beverly McClellan rose to television fame on The Voice competing on Christina Aguilera’s team. Before she was on the show Beverly had already released five albums independently.

Now she brings her latest offering Fear Nothing showcasing all of her skills to the Red Dress fundraiser this April. Nunn on the Run talked to Beverly before her upcoming appearance.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Beverly. I heard you grew up on a farm so a big animal lover.

Beverly McClellan: Yes, I grew up in Gate City, Virginia. I was born in Kingsport, Tennessee.

JN: You played instruments right from the beginning I read somewhere.

BM: Since I was about five with the piano.

JN: Is music in your family?

BM: Yes, I have a thick bluegrass background.

JN: How did you learn to play all of these instruments from the French horn to the mandolin?

BM: I don’t know. I hear it. I have an ear for it. I don’t read music or anything like that. I just do it.

JN: It must be in your blood or something…

BM: Everybody in my family is like that also.

JN: How did you get on The Voice?

BM: I got this e-mail as a dare. They didn’t think I would even audition for it. This was from the fella that records my CDs. He suggested that I do it.

JN: Was it an open audition somewhere?

BM: No, it was done by e-mail. I sent them a YouTube video and an hour later they called me. It was real fast. Suddenly NBC is on the phone.

JN: That is crazy!

BM: I know. It is crazy. How do you think I felt about it? I thought they were kidding. Next thing you know I am going to Hollywood.

JN: What was the process like?

BM: Within three to four auditions I was standing in front of Christina. She picked me. If more than one judge turns around then you have a choice on who to go with. She turned around first, honey, so that was it. “Oh my gawd that diva wants me on her team!” was what was going through my head. I had to do Christina so sorry everybody else. Hands down she defines The Voice.

JN: How did it feel to get on the show?

BM: I was a bald diva, me and Frenchie, it was crazy! We were standing there and didn’t have any hair. It was so cool.

JN: I met Frenchie last summer and she was so sweet.

BM: I just talked to her this morning. I love her. I will always have a family with these guys. We went through some extreme stuff together so how can you not?

JN: Do you ever want to grow your hair out?

BM: No way. I don’t want to know when I go gray.

JN: How many tattoos and piercings do you have?

BM: I only have on piercing in my face and my ears of course but not sure if that counts. With my tattoos I have stopped counting…

JN: Do you have a favorite one?

BM: My peacock.

JN: How many animals do you have?

BM: I have two birds, three dogs, and a cat.

JN: That has to keep you busy.

BM: All day. I have a beautiful zoo. I love them all. I Tweet pictures of them all time.

JN: Who takes care of them when you are out of town?

BM: I have wonderful friends and a little wife-y that does a great job with them.

JN: Tell me about your latest album Fear Nothing. It is so rocking and bluesy.

BM: Well, it better be. It is everything I have worked for. It really is.

JN: What is the track “It Ain’t Me” about?

BM: That is a past song that I pulled. I wanted the album to be a summary of me since I do have more than just this album out. I have two available and if you go back as far as my old fan group there is probably some songs that I didn’t release. I have bootleg copies of good stuff too floating around too. I put everything into this one album as a sort of Hello This Is Beverly album. I have been doing this for 20 years so it is 20 years of emotions that you are hearing on this record. It is current songs as well as “Come to Me” and “I Can’t Hide Me.”

JN: I thought “Precious Times” really sounds like Melissa Etheridge.

BM: That’s great. She is a wonderful woman and if I provoke those feelings in people then okay.

JN: Have you had a chance to meet her?

BM: I have talked to her twice on the phone. I sang her song on the show and it was a hard one to do being sick with a chest cold.

JN: Being an openly lesbian singer did they try to downplay that on The Voice?

BM: Hell no, not just no, but hell no. They told me to go for it and be myself, tell America what you want them to know about you. Tyler Robinson came out on the show. Nakia was open about it as well as Vicci Martinez, and let’s not forget Frenchie too.

JN: Have you watched the new season?

BM: Of course.

JN: Do you have any favorites?

BM: Yes, I do. I love Jamar Rogers. He came from a bad background with drugs and contracted HIV. He was homeless for a while. He is on Ceel Lo’s team so I hope he is good to him. I got his number because I was so compelled to talk to him and tell him that it doesn’t matter where you come from this is the time to shine.

JN: How did you become involved with the Red Dress Party?

BM: They contacted me and my management. I am ever so happy and honored to be a part of it. I don’t know one person that is not affected in some way by AIDS or HIV.

JN: Are you going to wear a red dress or is that not your style?

BM: I can’t tell you what I will wear. That will be the element of surprise with me. I have a real flamboyant Cee Lo side, that plus the fearlessness of Aguilera so you never know what you are going to get with me!