English singer Kate Nash is coming to town with Lilith Fair and wants everyone to know her “Best Friend is You!” She talked with Nunn on the Run about her leg, her song about gays and Lilith. Kiss That Grrrl

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Kate. I heard you hurt your leg again.

Kate Nash: I sprained my ankle in Canada on my North American tour actually. I fell.

JN: Your career was originally started when you wrote songs after breaking your leg.

KN: Yes.

JN: I feel bad for you. Are you doing jumping jacks or something?

KN: [ Laughs ] I don’t know. Maybe I am just pretty clumsy.

JN: Well, I love the new album, My Best Friend Is You, and the new single, “Kiss the Grrrl,” has a great video. You look fabulous in it.

KN: Thank you.

JN: Did you write that song about someone specific?

KN: It is about acting human, being insecure and a bit jealous. A boyfriend and girlfriend are having a nice time but one will sulk a bit and it can be over something completely innocent. Some people can get all dramatic about it. It is not all serious just about heartache with a partner.

JN: What is the secret behind the song “I’ve Got a Secret?”

KN: It is about being gay. People can be so ignorant. They think being gay is still a big deal and weird or bad. I have had a couple of people that are close to me come out. I don’t think they should have to come out. I have had a background of being open-minded through my family and living in London. I went to a theatrical school where everyone is fine with it. I never came across homophobia that much. People have to deal with it in suburbs and it has been a real stressful time for my friends to come out.

JN: We tend to live in a bubble in the bigger cities.

KN: Yes, and I had forgotten that there are still prejudices. For me, Jerry, gay people are represented with the males being very catty and queen-y, and the girls are sexy lesbians, who are experimenting and not sure. I think we need representation of gay people being completely normal. I think homophobia is really fucked up and I wanted to make fun of it in the song because it has happened to people that are very close to me. I am very passionate about the subject.

JN: Well, I am gay and love your music. So you have at least gay fan right here!

KN: Oh, cool!

JN: Being on Lilith Fair, you will be gaining some new lesbian fans.

KN: I know. It is cool because I come from a huge feminist background. I have very strong females that brought me up. I am very excited about performing live with these women. The history is a bit intriguing. This is a platform for females to play their music and get out there.

JN: And how amazing is it to perform with Mary J. Blige and Sarah McLachlan?

KN: I know! It is so interesting that there is a community vibe at festivals. There is something like it at the Big Day Out festival in Australia. They put all of the artists up in the same hotel. They have after show parties and you get know to people. I am hoping it will be like that. I want to really spend time with people.

JN: What artists do you like? I know you like Sia, who I have interviewed.

KN: I love her. She’s wicked. I love Bikini Kill. Sleater-Kinney is one of my favorite bands. I like the Buzzcocks and Elliot Smith a lot. I like ’60s girl groups, The Beatles and Nirvana.

JN: Several punk bands are in there and you have done a side project playing punk music.

KN: Yeah, The Receeders are a punk band. I play bass.

JN: You have the V festival coming up.

KN: Yes, I playing in Scotland and Ireland for their festivals. Then I have the V festival and will be touring in September, October and November in the UK.

JN: Well, you are welcome to come back to Chicago.

KN: I will!

Keep up with Kate on her website, katenash.co.uk .