Chris March from season four of Project Runway will be at Macy’s Glamorama designing their opening segment. Nunn on the Run talked to him about the new season and his own current projects.

Chris March: Hi! It’s Chris March.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Chris. Let’s talk about Macy’s Glamorama. How did you get involve with them?

CM: I did Glamorama about five years ago with Marshal Fields. I had this idea so I called this guy up that I knew there and told him about it. He said it works great with what they are doing here. It’s a really great opening segment.

JN: Do you have people walking the runway with your fashions?

CM: Not really a runway thing. It’s kind of a theatrical fantasy opening.

JN: Nice, I look forward to seeing that.

CM: And they’re very very large.

JN: Are you still designing for musicals?

CM: I’m doing lots of different things. I’m doing my own TV show. The television show is based on my life and my workshop. I’m working on a theater show here in New York that is in development. I have a book that’s kind of an ongoing process. I am still doing jobs here and there for different companies and things for Meryl Streep.

JN: Since you mentioned it, how did it go working with Meryl Streep?

CM: Oh, it was great. She’s very neat person and she was fun to work with and she looked wonderful. I was just very happy to work with her.

JN: The dress was amazing. Were you nervous to work with her?

CM: No, I was really nervous up until the moment I met her. She really put me at ease. She’s so sweet. She was like, “I’m so excited to meet you!” And I was like, “You’re excited to meet me? Your Meryl Streep.” She’s really the most down to earth person you can imagine.

JN: Are you a Mad Men fan?

CM: Oh, I’m a huge Mad Men fan and I’m actually one of the judges for the costume contest for the premiere here in Times Square on Sunday night.  The last couple of years they’ve done the premiere on the Jumbotron here in Times Square and they have a sixties costume contest.

JN: That’s so fun.

CM: Yes, it’s really fun.

JN: What happened with the Beyonce horrible experience?

CM: I can’t really talk much about it. It’s not resolved. I can say as much as that.

JN: It’s a long process.

CM: Yeah.

JN: I just got to talk to Tim Gunn last week and he was amazing.

CM: He so cool. I like him.

JN: I think he was the most polite person I have ever talked to.

CM: He has old school manners. He really walks in there and let’s you know what looks great and what doesn’t and walks out.

JN: That’s good to know.

CM: He used to really cut loose on those podcasts that he used to do.

JN: The new Project Runway starts tonight. Are you going to watch it?

CM: Probably. I’m in the middle of finishing up the Macy’s stuff before I pack it all up tomorrow so I’m last minute right now. It’s 90 minutes now, you know?

JN: Yes, it’s long.

CM: I would think especially at the beginning that the 90 minutes would be helpful because you really don’t get to know too much about 15 people. So the hour and a half might be useful in the first few episodes, especially.

JN: Well, we shall see how it works. I look forward to seeing you work it at Glamorama.