Adam Carolla hosts his own talk show as a podcast and just released a book. He had a few drinks at an event in Chicago and talked shop to Nunn on the Run.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Adam, nice to meet you at the Craftsmen event. Do you have a big garage at home?

Adam Carolla: I have a warehouse and a garage. I’m a nut job.

JN: Were you always building stuff as a kid?

AC: I always wanted to do it, but my dad was never into it. We were poor. We lived in crappy apartments and I never had any tools or anything so basically what I have done is over compensated as many celebrities do. When I got older and made some money, I sort of went nuts, now I have everything in my house.

JN: How did you get involve with this event?

AC: They said they want someone who liked comedy and likes tools. I said, “I’m your man.” It’s weird for me because this has been my passion for my whole life and then I got in show business.  I started doing TV shows, comedy, writing and all that kind of stuff. Really honestly this is the first time somebody has come up to me and talked about tools and to do some comedy at the same time.

JN: You were originally going to be a writer and work for Jimmy Kimmel.

AC: I was tired of being a contractor and I wanted to essentially do something that didn’t involve banking for a living. I wanted to do something that involved my brain. I wanted to figure out a way to make money, too. I love cars. If you love cars and don’t have money you should love music, books, and cinema but being broke and loving cars sucks.

JN: I can imagine it does.

AC: There are a lot of comedians, entertainers, friends of mine… for example Sarah Silverman, she likes hanging out. Her idea of hanging out is to be with some friends, some wine and a movie. That’s what she does, she will make a perfect poor person, it will be awesome for her. But if you want to go into vintage racing, you want some racecars and you need a trailer, you need something to haul it in, you need tools and all that junk. Then it is going to cost money and I sort of figured out that swinging a hammer can’t make enough money to indulge my disease.

JN: You have a book In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks. Where did you come up with that title?

AC: I was throwing a bunch of titles to my editor and one of them was something with the subheading “In 50 years we will be chicks.”  And she said that should be the title of the book.

JN: It’s a comedy book?

AC: It’s basically my observations and my experience. It’s a little autobiographical. It’s about me and where we are heading as a society.

JN:  You have a podcast where people can listen to you also.

AC: It’s going on and it’s free, nothing to do but go on iTunes and subscribe.

JN: You have a website?

AC: Yes