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Center on Halsted is bringing Tennessee to Chicago and the world of art will never be the same.

Tennessee was born in Greenville, South Carolina and eventually studied fashion design in Atlanta but always wanted to be a painter. Being born almost entirely colorblind almost crushed his dreams but he devised his own system and moved to California where he soon rose to the top of his field at Disney in their Collection Editions department.

Tennessee arrives this week in our neck of the woods bringing his pop art collection with him.

Jerry Nunn: Hey, Tennessee. When did you first start creating art?

Tennessee Loveless: I went to school for art and have always been a sketcher and a painter. I ended up going to Savannah’s School of Art and Design for studio painting back in 1996 but I quickly left a year later when they told me I shouldn’t be a painter because of my color choices. I then got a degree in fashion design in a school in Atlanta. I had never really painted until moving to San Francisco. I think it was seven years I stopped painting until a drag queen saw me sketch and wanted me to paint her. I told her that I can’t see color very well. She didn’t care but just wanted a portrait.

JN: So you did it?
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