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Ross Matthews

Ross Mathews became an overnight success thanks to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he was coined “Ross the Intern.” His standout voice and personality made him instantly memorable on late night television at home.

He joined Celebrity Fit Club and the cast of Chelsea Lately since then along with interviewing many celebrities on the red carpet over the years.

He just released a book called Man Up! Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence and is embarking on a comedy tour including a stop at Chicago. Nunn talked to Mathews the day of the book release.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Ross. So excited about talking to you today!

Ross Mathews: I saw you tweeted me, right?

JN: I did.

RM: I saw and it is so great to meet you.
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Juilie Newmar 2

Julie Newmar clawed her way onto television on the Batman series as Catwoman. She is one of the few celebrities to have her name as the main title in To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar where she was featured. Her book The Conscious Catwoman gives tips and inspiration for a whole new generation. The two JNs chatted cattily about her book, Barbra and the bushes.

Jerry Nunn: Hello, Ms. Newmar.

Julie Newmar: Hello. I’m just reading all of your stories here online.

Jerry: Thanks for sending your book. Where did the inspirational quotes come from?
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Andy Cohen 2

Emmy Award winner Andy Cohen has taken the Real Housewives all the way to the bank on Bravo TV. He turned a then struggling network into a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy success story. He has had the Midas touch producing such highly rated shows as Top Chef, The Millionaire Matchmaker, and Flipping Out.

Cohen is the first openly gay late night talk show host with Watch What Happens Live, where he plays drinking games, talks current events, and has two random celebrities “plead the fifth” where they can pass on one difficult question.

His first book has just been published entitled Most Talkative: Stories From the Front Line of Pop Culture where he chronicles his journey into the spotlight. He heads to host the Human First gala this week and we talked to him about it among other things.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Andy. First off we are excited you are coming to Chicago.

Andy Cohen: Me, too. I love Chicago.

JN: You are coming with k.d. lang. Have you met her before?
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JoJo Baby 2

Local artist JoJo Baby knows how to make an impression out on the town. Getting Into Face the new book that chronicles the costumes and nightlife of Jojo and Sal-E is photographed by Bernard Colbert. This five-year project followed the two self-titled “club kids” as they dressed for Monday night themes each week. More than 100 portraits are included with everything from creature costumes to astronaut suits.

Nunn put Baby in a corner to talk about his upcoming book signing at the Eyeporium Gallery among other projects.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, JoJo. Let’s talk about this book that was put together with you and Sal-E.

JoJo Baby: We started being photographed by Bernard Colbert about ten years ago. This was back when we did Boom Boom Room every week. Every Monday we would go into the studio and have a quick photo shoot then go to work. I came up with the title Getting Into Face because it is the process of getting ready.
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Frank DeCaro

Comedian, writer and XM Radio personality Frank DeCaro has it all rolled up into one. He has appeared on the Game Show Network’s I’ve Got a Secret, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and is the author of A Boy Named Phyllis: A Suburban Memoir.

He has been a lifelong gay rights activist and lives with his husband in New Jersey.

Some people’s cooking is to die for but his new project takes the cake. Frank made a cookbook that celebrates dead celebrity’s recipes while tying in their life’s work as required follow up after filling up. We dished on gossip and food all afternoon that made me starve for more…

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Frank. I just saw you on The Rosie Show.

Frank DeCaro: Oh, I had such a good time. It was everything that I hoped it would be. I have never been calmer on a stage in my life. Rosie O’Donnell is just delightful. I have met her a bunch of times and I think she is very generous and lovely.

JN: She wrote a little blurb in your cookbook also.

FD: Yes, she did. She worked at Sirius for a couple of years when she did her show there. She has always been kind to me. She liked my first book.

JN: Have you always been into celebrities since you were little?
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Jose Villarrubia

Jose Villarrubia is a teacher, colorist and illustrator in Baltimore with roots in Madrid, Spain. This openly gay crossover artist has photography that was featured at the Baltimore Museum of Art as well as in Latin America. He has taught at Towson University along with The Baltimore School of Arts. Recently he won the Harvey Award for best colorist for his Cuba: My Revolution graphic novel. We discussed how Jose has taken over the world of imagination when he was in town for the Wizard World Convention.

Jerry Nunn: Hola, Jose. This convention is jammed packed.

Jose Villarrubia: Are you a comic fan?

JN: I am a huge one. I learned how to read by reading comics as a kid.

JV: Wonderful.

JN: Tell me about you. Where are you from?
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Jane Lynch 2

Jane Lynch has kept us laughing with her understated sense of humor in such cinematic hits as Best in Show, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Role Models. With the Fox series Glee Lynch became a household name creating the persona of Sue Sylvester, the coach of a cheerleading squad with some of the best one-liners on TV.

She just released a new memoir entitled Happy Accidents chronicling her early life as a lesbian, alcoholic and actress. She spoke with Nunn on the Run right before her book signings in her hometown.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Jane. I just finished reading your book and enjoyed it. Did it take a long time to write?

Jane Lynch: We wrote the book in three months. We were given four months but dithered away a month. My wife actually wrote it with me. She’s responsible for it being readable (both laugh). We did it together. It was very fast and furious. We flew through three years and it was pretty joyful.

JN: Was it hard to reveal some of the things in the book? It seems very personal.
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