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Antonio Biaggi

Mentioned as “the man with the monster cock” by some and causing controversy by baring it all to many, Antonio Biaggi is on top of the world these days. The Puerto Rican with a ten incher has worked with a variety of adult film companies in a relatively short period of time from Lucas Entertainment to Raging Stallion Videos.

Biaggi flew all the way from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to get a taste of the Windy City recently.  Nunn on the Run was there to interview the porn star with some stellar talents.

Jerry Nunn: Hola, Antonio. What brings you to town?

Antonio Biaggi: I’m filming for We are here for three days filming in someone’s house. We are filming a video in each city with five cities total.

JN: How has 2013 been for you?
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Folsom Leather

Folsom Leather by

Starring Alex Baresi and François Sagat

Judging a Porn by Its Cover:

Pubert: It’s Folsom weekend in San Francisco this week.

Groeper: Road trip!

P: I really need to go one of these years. They always send me tickets to it.

G: This video has trading cards inside. It’s like a Cracker Jack box.
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Cabin Retreat

Cabin Retreat by Lucas Entertainment

Starring Vito Gallo and Adrian Long

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert:  After IML I am going on a retreat.

Groeper: We need a vacation after all those leather men.

P: It looks like they were caught in the act on these stairs from this cover.

G: Maybe the cameraman broke into their cabin.

P: The back cover looks a little too dark to give a good idea of what the video is like.
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Hunter Marx

Manhunt celebrates its tenth anniversary this fall with a tour and stop in Chicago. Porn star Hunter Marx joins a few other buds to give out free goodies and mingle with the singles at Sidetrack. Nunn caught up with the hairy top hunk for a typical day at the office.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Hunter. I tracked you down to the TitanMen offices. It’s funny to think of an adult start at the office.

Hunter Marx: It is my first time too (laughs). I am exclusively with Titan now. I wanted to work with the best studio out there. I have been with Titan for almost a year now and looking forward to doing more films with them.

JN: I like how they release movie on Blu-ray. I don’t know of other porn studios that do that.
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Lords of the Jungle

Lords of the Jungle by Raging Stallion

Starring Jake Deckard and Collin O’Neal

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: After surviving the jungle in Mexico I thought this would be a good video to review.

Groeper: Welcome back. Those pictures are crazy with you flying on a zip line.

P: Having a hottie strapped on my back in the air was an experience.

G: You should make your own porno. But let’s watch this one until then…
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Horns of Plenty

Horns of Plenty Part 1 By Kristen Bjorn

Starring Carlos Montenegro and Max Exe

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: Can you believe it is Thanksgiving already?

Groeper: I’m ready for my turkey to get stuffed.

P: This cover is as Klassy as porn gets.

G: Look at those amber waves of grain.
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Golden Years

Golden Years by Bijou Classics

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: Let’s go retro porn this Pride with a special Highlights issue.

Groeper: I haven’t seen an issue of Highlights since I was a kid.

P: I haven’t worn striped shorts like these since that time period either.

G: You are no hipster then. Maybe they will have some matching high knee socks too!
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