Spanish Heat from Alphamale

Judging a Porn by Its Cover:

Pubert: Here is the second part to our long hot summer videos.

Groeper: First Summer Blaze now Spanish Heat.

P: I am ready for a hot tamale.

G: When are you not?  Doesn’t sipping on margaritas on a patio sound good right now?

P: Si, senor. I want to dive into the pool on the cover.

Our Spanish adventure begins with two Latin lovers, Dennis and Maikel, holding hands by the pool. The scene is entitled “Amor.”

G: This is so romantic already. The countryside backdrop, they are just cuddling on the lounge chairs…

P: Someone is losing their swim trunks too easily.

G: Now that is a nice dick sickin’ perfect angle.

P: This is a match made on a mountain.

G: He’s licking his face like a dog.

P: And after that ass licking it can’t be too tasty.

G: Depends on the ass…

P: I kind of love the cameraman with these awesome shots.

G: Wow, I thought the other one was going to be the top.

P: Surprise, surprise, sometimes you can’t just jump the gun.

G: The topman Maikel is moaning like a girl in heat.

Two Hispanic hunks take a hike up a trail.

P: This scene is called “Tantacion” which mean temptation.

G: I feel like I am getting a Spanish lesson here…

P: The two studs arrive at Maikel’s pool, from the first scene.

G: Maikel is spread and ready, naked in the hot sun.

P: The two poor hikers are thirsty.

G: His villa is breathtaking. Check out that urn that pours water into his pool.

P: When I visited Spain it was not like this.

G: They wasted no time diving into the pool.

P: How cute. They’re playing little games like dunk the hunk.

G: That looks more like a tongue twister.

P: I have heard of French kiss but a Spanish kiss?

G: Uh oh Maikel’s boyfriend from the first scene just spotted the threesome.

P: There is nothing like a hot-blooded jealous Latino.

G: You should know. There is gonna be drama.

P: Okay, I need to go work on my tan after seeing these dudes.

G: Lucio is sucking that Spanish sausage like a pro.

P: Fabio has my favorite tattoos to date.

G: That’s a curvy cock, he’s sporting too.

P: A fly just flew in his eye!

G: That’s the hazards of filming outdoors.

P: This movie has just the right amount of groans and sound effects.

G: Fabio is a little bit versatile.

P: And a little bit rock n’ roll, loves it!

G: He’s a little squirt but Lucio’s leche lasts forever.

P: That is some creamy goodness all right.

The next scene is entitled “Coqueto” or a tease.  Jose rakes rocks and Ruben hoses down the garden while Dennis re-appears.

G: Jealous Dennis struts up in a tracksuit from the ‘70s.

P: I wonder what got him all hot and bothered?

G: Maybe his boyfriend sleeping with strangers did it.

P: He just spunked and peeled out.

G: Leaving the two gardeners to get it on.

P: Now their tattoos I am not in love with.

G: Too many stars and not filled in.

P: A porn star told me one time that they work through films to finish the tattoos.

G: Lofty goals these guys have sometimes…

P: They keep their shoes on for the hard concrete.

G: He has dirt on his ass while he’s getting eaten out.

P: Why didn’t he hose him down first?

G: He’s doing a tongue cleaning there anyways.

P: That can’t be comfortable lying on a hard slab like that.

G: Or against a prickly palm tree.

P: You gotta pay your dues if you want tattoos!

G: Thank god they put a cushion down for the bouncy hotdog scene.

Last scene is called “Vanganza” or revenge. A jogger runs up the ranch to take a break from running.

P: Dennis just takes an outdoor shower in the middle of the day.

G: Maybe I need to invest in one of those showers.

P: You are so classy I bet you could just use a garden hose!

G: Well, it worked. He reeled him in like a fish.

P: He should shower him off after that uphill run.

G: Now it’s Mikael’s turn to watch. Listen to the dramatic piano.

P: It’s a novella or soap opera as M throws up his hands and leaves.

G: Who needs subtitles? The plot is written all over his face.

P: First a lawnchair then a tree make awkward places to fuck.

G: It’s a big forgive me or “perdon” at the end between to the two.

P: A little kiss and make up. It’s all better now.

G: This flick is like taking a summer vacation.

P: And muy caliente!

Pubert: Thumbs up the butt.

Groeper: Thumbs up the butt.

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