Ricky Sinz is one of the highest grossing adult film stars ever. He was just named Raging Stallion Man of the Year for 2009. This local legend wanted to update Nunn on the Run about his busy schedule.

Jerry Nunn: Hi Ricky! Can I just say that I am happy to interviewing my neighbor? Are you ever tempted to move away from Chicago?

Ricky Sinz: I love Chicago. It’s my home. I was born and raised here, but there are times when I feel like it would be in my best interest career wise to leave. The options are so limited here in Chicago for models and adult film stars.

JN: I liked the fact that you are opinionated when I met you. If you could change one thing about the adult industry, what would it be?

RS: There is an age limit in porn, but there should also be a mentality limit in the business. I feel that some people in porn don’t have the right mind frame to be in the business.

JN: Being the first and only lifetime performer for Raging Stallion must be quite an honor. What do you enjoy most about the company?

RS: It is an honor and I am very grateful to have that title. What I like most about Raging Stallion is they run their business like a family. They treat the models very well, and really help you grow not only as a performer but also as a person.

JN: Many people may not know you served eight years in the military. That was a standout performance in Raging Stallion’s Grunts.

RS: That did play a major role in the decision to work in that movie. Not only did I perform in that film but I also served as the technical director.

JN: How did the Ricky “The Hammer” Sinz nickname get started?

RS: Ricky is close to my real name. “The Hammer” part comes from my days as a fighter. I had one of the meanest rights in the ring, and also because of my rough trade performances. Sinz was a slap back at the religious right. I got sick of being called a sinner so I said if I’m a sinner I’m proud to be one and the name was born.

JN: Can I get an amen? You have raised more than $1 million dollars for various charities and put money back into local organizations such as TPAN and Howard Brown Health Center. What inspired you to be so giving?

RS: When I was young, I know I didn’t have a lot. I didn’t really have anywhere to turn when I needed help. Despite my current success there was a time when I didn’t have a roof over my head, food in my stomach, or a penny to my name.

Now that I am in a position to help I feel it is my duty to give to those that are in need. Money comes and goes, but if it goes to someone who really needs it and can help them in a positive manner than that is more important than blowing money on a nice car or outfit.

JN: What are your plans for appearances in the summer?

RS: I have several local bookings in Chicago. One coming up is at Spin Nightclub with Roman Heart and Benjamin Bradley, which should be fun on Friday, April 17th.

The main event I’m lining up and throwing in Chicago is called Forsaken, which will happen at Jackhammer Saturday night at midnight on May 23rd, right after the Grabby awards. It is a benefit for Test Positive Aware Network, which you just mentioned.

I am bringing in many adult film stars from multiple studios for this event, plus some heavy hitting house DJs and I will be making a return to the turntables myself after a 5 year hiatus. There will be hot go-go boys tearing up the stage, and lots of giveaways and raffles, not to mention a really hot play party in the basement, its gonna be a really fun night for all!

I already have 3 weeks of appearances lined up in Florida. I am in negotiations for London. I have bookings in Spain, Germany, Aruba, and several locations. It is a never-ending line up of bookings. I usually schedule my tours months in advance.

JN: I am exhausted just talking about it! How is the website rickysinzxxx.com going?

RS: Rickysinzxxx.com is my main site to feature my films and portfolio. It is doing well. Rickysinzxxxlive.com is my live site that has over 500 models working on it performing live shows 24/7. People really seem to enjoy it because the variety of models encompasses all types of individuals. There is something for everyone whether you like men, women or t-girls.

Holeandaheartbeat.com is also doing very well I have been directing editing and shooting content at full steam and were finishing up a new DVD that will be released soon.

I have 37 other sites but these top 3 are my favorites.

JN: You are also working on a mainstream film called “My Guaranteed Student Loan.”

RS: They are keeping the script locked down until the shoot. What I can tell you is that there are a lot of major names in the film, and a lot of very sexy body builders. I think the project will be very fun and from the line up of talent, I think the film will do very well.

JN: Sounds like it’s going to be a long hot summer for you coming up! Hallelujah!!!