Randy Pubert and Dick Groeper review adult movies From the Booth! Grab your popcorn, your lube and enjoy the ride!

No Cover by Channel 1 Releasing

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: The cover is great. I like the sleek packaging.

Groeper: He’s sitting a little low on the toilet on the back cover. He might just fall in.

It’s closing time at a watering hole and two guys begin playing with a passed out drunk boy.

G: This bar looks tragic. I wouldn’t be caught dead there.

P: Well, the guys that go there are hot apparently.

G: Asleep at the bar? Did he G out?

P: They’re molesting the customers. Where’s a manager?

G: He’s still sleeping through the double-dutch suck.

P: Is he sleeping or faking? Oh, Sleeping Beauty is coming around.

G: I guess the best part of waking up is NOT Folger’s in your cup!

P: I bet he has kitten breath after being asleep, gross.

G: Did he have appendix surgery? That is some rough trade.

P: I hope someone brought some Carmex after all that sucking.

After the three way ends with a bang on the pool table, we move into the bathroom.

P: The music is so suspenseful. Look at that dirty toilet.

G: Yeah, it needs a urinal cake.

P: Or some Saniflush. Check out the tightee-whities.

G: That one has rug burn on his balls.

P: It’s Rudolph the red-balled reindeer.

G: Look, they’re using jeans as a mat on the floor—truly versatile.

P: He does not want more ball burn!

G: The bottom’s hard, that never happens.

P: He is smacking his own ass. He is in love with himself so much.

Following the bathroom bang, the bartender takes a fancy to his customer.

P: Ever slept with a bartender before? I only slept with that one…

G: This scene is not working. The skulls in the background get you out of the mood.

P: Groeper, maybe some guys like the danger of crossbones. Seems to be working for these guys.

G: Speaking of bones, he has just enough meat on his bones.

P: He’s sucking him through his jeans. The skinny one looks better with his clothes on.

Police bust in on our final scene.

P: Is this what you call a raid?

G: Police on twink, the policeman is a babe.

P: I am not into the cheap Superman tattoo, but I do want to see the movie.

G: Acting is superb. The guys are hot.

P: They are cute in person. These guys were in town for IML. We need more bars like this one in Chi-town.

Pubert: Thumbs up the butt

Groeper: Thumbs up the butt