Randy Pubert and Dick Groeper review adult movies From the Booth! Grab your popcorn, your lube and enjoy the ride!

Köllide by Rascal Video

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: What is this video called, Kool-Aid?

Groeper: The cover looks like shit dripping.

P: Oh, it’s Collide, like to crash into, set in Berlin.

G: Nice packaging, looks like a special edition.

Set in pre World War 2 the scene is set in a compound in Berlin.

P: The cover is rust. The cast is standing around in a warehouse.

G: It’s very Charlie’s Angels. Is that a tribal drum in the background?

P: The beret guy is not very attractive. Are those girl boots? Those boots are made for walking.

G: He is good at deep throating. Did he just cough?

P: He just gave him a look like ‘get that out of my face… ‘.

G: Good thing they found an army blanket to fuck on.

P: The scene switches to different guys in the compound. Look there’s Catwoman!

G: That guy looks like a monkey. Talk about guerrilla warfare.

P: Look at that camera angle. It’s a worm’s eye view.

G: He’s fucking him through the window! He has a cold sore on his penis.

P: Whoa! Now, he is sitting on the other guy’s back. He’s eating them both out at the same time.

G: Very Cirque Du Soliel… .

P: They’re walking on broken glass. Must be part of the circus act.

Dramatic scenes follow with different people jogging down the corridors.

P: What is he running from?

G: They just Kollided into each other, haha.

P: He wants to rip his T-shirt but can’t. He’s all steroids.

G: His penis is pierced and he’s whacking it hard.

P: Must have hit a nerve when they made that piercing, no feeling left.

G: I would be scared to choke on the little ring. He’s Nicole Richie thin.

P: Rusty poles. Someone is going get lockjaw. Better get a tetanus shot.

The big finish is with all the guys lined up on the stairs stroking their poles.

G: This is turning into a music video. Boy band from Germany.

P: ‘Excuse me, I need to get down the stairs.’ They are perfectly spaced out down the staircase.

G: They are going to do a line dance, I think. They are each cumming in order.

P: This video is as rusty as the cover! Make sure to watch where you are going and not Kollide into this at the video store.

G: Chi Chi Larue made a wrong turn with this one.

Pubert: Thumbs down the throat

Groeper: Thumbs down the throat