Jersey Score 2 by Jet Set Men

Starring Billy Heights as The Stimulation and Jimmy Clay as Nookie

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: Jersey Score 2 oh yeahhhh!

Groeper: Shouldn’t it have a second title like Electric Boogaloo?

P: This cast looks all new.

G: Derrick Vinyard was in both as D-Wow.

P: The first movie was such a hit they had to make a summer sequel.

G: I hope there are no grenades in this one.

It’s “t-shirt time” as the boys get read for the club. Nookie and Mike come back from the club drunk.

P: This is kind of like the real show with the two hooking up.

G: I see drama coming…

P: Well, something will be cumming all right.

G: Definitely smooshing.

P: He just called him a dirty hamster!

G: We got a situation here. His cock is big.

P: But those abs can’t compete with the real deal. I did shots with him in Vegas.

G: Mike needs to go tanning too. He is pale in comparison.

P: I luv how the Italian flag is placed strategically by his spread legs.

G: Nookie is the top? That’s a surprise.

P: He shoots like an Italian stallion!

G: That was over The Stimulation’s head.

P: He’s right. Mike doesn’t need hair gel now.

Speaking of hair, Vinny and D-Wow are greasing theirs in the bathroom when

Pauly G screams at them.

G: Classic Pauly yelling “Cabs are here!”

P: Isn’t he a little blonde to be Italian?

G: The real Pauly is so cute.

P: Kind of quiet when I talked to him.

G: He probably saw the lust in your eyes, tiger.

P: Mike just farted. That might be a porn first for me…

G: Me too. You don’t hear that often in videos.

Vinny and D get locked in the bathroom only to find a towel filled with dildos.

P: Don’t you hate it when that happens?

G: It happens almost daily to me haha!

P: Okay, that is a little bizarre. He found a glory hole in the shower.

G: Vinny has a huge piercing.

P: He just said he wanted to dip those Guido balls in marinara.

G: These studs like to talk.

P: D-Wow is getting a little creepy with his dirty words.

G: He did not just say he would buy him a cheese stick after this.

P: Oh yes he did. The acting is actually very good between the two of them.

G: The banter seems real. “Burgers for boys!”

P: They didn’t even use any of those dildos.

A three way ensues with Ronnie, Pauly and Mike.

G: The casting of Ronnie is a little bizarre.

P: His accent is weird and has an odd look to him.

G: I can’t believe that The Stimulation is a bottom.

P: His penis is so big I want to see him as a top.

G: If they say “sharing is caring” one more time I am outta here!

P: They said it at least ten times.

GTL means “Get To Lickin’” as Sammy brings a new man name Arvin home.

G: There is a big fight.

P: The Snituation won’t tell if he gets to watch the two of them have sex.

G: This is getting twisted.

P: I wouldn’t want Mike watching me on my date.

G: There is a bonus scene with Mike and Nookie.

P: Nookie can squirt but those photographer clicking camera noises during his spurting were distracting.

G: This film works for giggles and entertainment.

P: I liked the original better.

G: I busted out laughing a few times.

P: Chris Steele knows how to make a parody. I look forward to more.

G: This time their house was set in Hollywood.

P: Maybe they will go to Italy next in part 3.

Randy Pubert: Thumbs up the butt.

Dick Groeper: Thumbs up the Guido butt.

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