Randy Pubert and Dick Groeper review adult movies From the Booth! Grab your popcorn, your lube and enjoy the ride!

Hole Sweet Hole by Raging Stallion

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: It has cross-stitch on the cover… just like my momma taught me.

Groeper: I’m only 24. I have never seen a fisting video.

P: Oh no, I’ve corrupted another one!

Our hole-in-one begins with a campfire scene.

G: This is so creepy with no one talking and just the fire popping.

P: It’s a serious business. They’re pulling out the special fisting lube and he wears a glove to not cut the other one with his nails.

G: That’s ‘handy.’

P: Look at his face. He’s in another world.

G: From the camera angle, it looks like he is on fire! He should shove that log up his butt.

P: This is getting messy.

G: It’s like Crisco and fried chicken. He keeps drinking MGD, which makes me thirsty… .

P: That’s product placement for you.

Second scene is where the plot gets full of holes. A Spanish guitar plays in the kitchen.

G: Finally a regular sex scene, thank you.

P: Nothing like the real thing.

G: Uh oh, now here comes a fist in the night.

P: No Michael Jackson glove for him.

G: There are different people showing up in that kitchen. I am never going to look at an asshole the same again.

There’s a fire in the hole with Carlos Morales in the next scene.

P: My buddy Carlos! I interviewed him once.

G: Did you sleep with him?

P: Are you kidding? Do you know where that penis has been?

G: I wonder what being fisted feels like.

P: That’s how those guys got started. You must be next!

The hole story ends in a romantic setting with running water and pillows.

P: Fisted over a fountain… how classic.

G: Nice Spanish background… maybe fisting originated in Spain?

P: Wow, he’s getting crazy with the wrist.

G: Do you need a license to fist?

P: Yeah, it’s like a license to drive.

P: So, how would you rate this video? Would you go out and rent it?

G: If you are not into fisting, stay home.

Pubert: Fist up the butt

Groeper: Thumb down the throat

To get your fill of fisting, find out how to order this video at ragingstallion.com