Randy Pubert and Dick Groeper review adult movies From the Booth! Grab your popcorn, your lube and enjoy the ride!

Graffiti From Bel Ami . Produced and directed by George Duroy

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: Time for some summer lovin.’

Groeper: [ sings ] ‘Had me a blast.’ Are these guys supposed to be tough?

P: They may not know what Graffiti really is. Coloring books, yes.

Our video begins with various naked lads painting the walls… and each other.

P: I like fact that they are in black and white and they paint with color.

G: Yeah, good art direction.

P: Looks like they are honestly having fun.

G: The warehouse they are in is very bright and sunny.

P: Now they are getting down and dirty stripping on the couch.

G: Well, it was a hard day of painting a wall.

P: Two of them still have their sunglasses on their heads.

G: Actually, the fashion is nice and current.

P: That can be important in a video.

G: This is a bright summer four-way!

P: What language are they speaking?

G: They are from the Czech Republic.

P: Nice cum shot! I like how they are positioned.

G: People will have to buy or rent this to see it. Pretty impressive… and I don’t like twink movies.

P: Our readers know from reading last week’s review.We move along to two in the loft bedroom.

P: Nice, they seem really into it.

G: They’re having fun so it makes the viewer have fun.

P: Finally a set with a good background. It looks like it was bought within the past year and not in the ’70s!

G: A sense of style really helps here.

Two buds begin making a mural on the wall.

P: I like how he’s painting around him.

G: Oops, he missed. They’re getting paint splashes all over each other.

P: That’s the benefit of painting naked: You don’t get it on your clothes.

G: Now this is going to be a paint-by-numbers sex scene.

P: I used to love those as a kid. Paint by numbers books that is …

Transition to another scene with two more bois making beautiful art together.

P: Aww, they painted a heart. Must be luv.

G: That’s a painted handprint on his ass.

P: Well, slap my ass and call me in the morning.

G: Now he’s a straight shooter.

P: This director seems to like the cum-on-the-butt-from-behind shot.

G: That can be tricky. Oh, the model has a scab. Not pretty …

Last scene has four really cute guys continuing with the body painting theme.

P: He’s painting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on him!

G: This group must be the messy painters.

P: They just rubbed butts together.

G: Slamming into the wall like snow angels, that original.

P: Leaving their mark, so to speak.

G: Then they signed the mural–funny.

P: His name’s Peter Van. Will he ever grow up?

P: Lots of body painting in this video.

G: Finger painting, too. That finger almost slipped inside.

P: Time for a hose down.

G: And a big finish.

P: This is really a refreshing surprise from Bel Ami.

G: I can’t believe that I am giving this one a thumbs up the butt!

P: Graffiti painted us both a pretty picture.

Pubert: Thumbs up the butt.

Groeper: Thumbs up the butt.

Spray paint your way over to tlavideo.com or belamionline.com and purchase Graffiti to add to your art collection. It’s a steal!