Randy Pubert and Dick Groeper review adult movies From the Booth! Grab your popcorn, your lube and enjoy the ride!

Beach Ballin’ from Channel 1 Releasing

Starring Dominic Pacifico, Zane Jacobs and Brock Armstrong

Judging a Porn by Its Cover:

Pubert: I decided to bring summer to Chicago, the porno way!

Groeper: Well, we are all ready for it after this up and down weather.

P: Let’s hit the beach!

G: That’s your buddy Dominic on the front. Has he been airbrushed?

P: I have a hunch the background scene may not be real also.

A couple of studs play on the beach as the opening credits roll…

G: It’s so windy out there, bad for the audio.

P: Looks like a storm is brewing.

G: Hurricane Zane is on the way!

P: So their beach ball blows away and flies in the window of beachfront property.

G: To watch this video, you have to keep your eye on the ball.

P: Two guys are going at it in the vacation home.

G: Brock has a thick dick.

P: And the other one just lost his swimsuit.

G: I think Brock might look better without that goatee.

P: It’s nice they threw down a blanket to not stain the couch.

G: The Michelangelo statue in the background is a nice touch.

Two Latin lovers are bored with playing catch on the beach and move inside.

P: Now we are talking…

G: Those swimsuits are hot.

P: I wish I could tan like that.

G: There goes the tongue ring in the ass.

P: That always adds to the sensation.

G: Arch that back, Buddy!

P: Easy access.

G: The better to stuff your taco, my dear.

On the balcony two lovers swap spit.

P: It really looks like a typhoon out there.

G: This beach is the last place I would want to be.

P: I think his dick is distracting him from the danger.

G: Yeah, just let the rain come down.

P: He’s going to go out with a bang.

G: The pillow underneath his ass helps him get in the crack.

P: You haven’t done that before? I used to have a boyfriend that always wanted a pillow underneath him.

G: It does make it easier on the bottom.

P: Yuck, he just pulled him on top of his cum filled stomach.

Dominic and Zane play in the water.

G: Do you hear the steel drums in the background?

P: Yes, it reminds me of the Caribbean rum party I went to last week.

G: You have all the fun.

P: The chaise lounges make a sweet place for cock sucking.

G: While the beach balls float in the pool in the background.

P: Looks like Dominic has been tanning in his free time.

G: I need to get to Hollywood beach!

P: Ouch, Dom is squeezing those balls.

G: I think Zane is impressed with his bottoming skills.

P: Hey girl hey, Dominic is switching it up.

G: I love those versatile guys.

P: They definitely have a connection.

G: I don’t like it when guys stare at me during sex.

P: It can be unnerving.

G: That cum is thick. What’s he been eating?

P: Seafood!

G: This was strictly a rental for me.

P: I think the viewers will have a ball with this one.

Pubert: Thumbs up the butt.

Groeper: Thumbs up the butt.

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