All Star Studs by Lucas Entertainment

Starring Pierre Fitch and Adam Killian

Judging a Porn by Its Cover:

Pubert: With all the All Star shows on television I thought this would be a good one.

Groeper: Oh yeah, Top Model All Stars and Project Runway All Stars. What’s next?

P: Now we have the best in the world of porn!

G: I wonder who will get voted off?

P: I will be the judge!

Outdoor at a bus stop two studs lip lock…

G: I hope that is a gayboyhood.

P: They didn’t even say hello.

G: Well, they did with their tongues.

P: And no talking, just go home and strip.

G: At least his apartment is decorated well. How many films do we review with wood paneling?

P: I agree. Some do get caught up in the ‘70s.

G: Wait, now we are getting some dialogue. “Spit on it.”

P: It took him sucking it to milk it out of him.

G: His eyes are rolling into the back of his head.

P: Holy Exorcist. Halloween is over!

G: You notice how Michael Lucas has a style to his movies?

P: He is the Tyra of Porn or at least the Tim Gunn.

G: I’m sure he can give some advice…

P: “Make it jerk!”

G: The bottom reminds me of Stephen Baldwin.

P: The top looks like a boy-next-door but tattooed to hell.

G: How All American can he be? His name is Pierre.

Two men enjoy each other in a bedroom.

P: This looks like the same apartment.

G: Or at least the same decorator…

P: I’m not sure what makes some of these guys all stars.

G: Maybe the way he is riding it.

P: But not the way the top just glanced at the camera, very unprofessional.

G: He could have been checking his angle.

P: Their angles are all over the place. It looks like he might choke him or caress his neck.

G: Now that is what I call a cumshot but a bit watery.

P: The top even said, “Wow.”

G: The one guy even resembles Michael Lucas.

P: He is like the Woody Allen of porn, still putting his character in the scene.

Adam Killian finds a blonde on the street and kisses him.

G: What is with all the public displays of affection?

P: Is this Provincetown where I just visited?

G: Times have changed.

P: Killian is a pro.

G: Yes, definitely been in the biz a while.

P: Blondie doesn’t even know what is hitting him.

G: He didn’t see it cumming.

P: Adam is pouncing him like a dog in heat.

G: He brought home a stray and now has to pay.

P: There is more spitting going on than a snake in the grass.

G: The snake is up the ass this time.

Playing at a park can be fun for Robert Van Damme.

P: So they are in Bryant Park, it’s like Project Runway.

G: Yeah, but I don’t think this is during Fashion Week.

P: Lots of licking including the armpits.

G: Creative use of a pole in the bedroom.

P: I think that is water pipe not a stripper pole.

G: That jizz went everywhere. Hot Damme!

P: Robert gave him a shot in the mouth.

G: Right before kissing him.

P: Get that man a tissue.

G: There were only a few real all stars in this bunch.

P: I would put a few in the running for America’s Best Top.

G: Adam and Robert get their 8×10 glossy returned to them.

P: Wouldn’t it be great if all the studios could get together and make an all-star video?

G: We can only wet dream about it.

Pubert: Finger down the throat.

Groeper: Thumbs up the butt.

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